A Recap of Our 2017-2018 Season

We would like to give thanks to everybody, who in one way or another, has contributed to the existence of Agencia de Tránsitos Culturales. Without an audience, there are no exhibitions, bookstores, presentations; in short, there are no spaces for encounters.

Inauguration of a New Space for Art and Archtecture in Tenerife, Canary Islands

ATC opened its doors to a new space on C/ Callao de Lima on December 14th, 2017. Since the opening, we have had six exhibitions, both individual and group, as well as various happenings and presentations, including a guest lecture by Justin Garrett Moore, the Executive Director of Public Design for the City of New York and a reading by award-winning Canarian writers.


On December 14th, we inaugurated the space with an individual exhibition and group show. In Crudo, the Canarian artists Gabriel Roca presented process-oriented sculptural and video works created with black sand from the volcanic beaches of the Canary Islands. You can currently see some of these pieces in the exhibition Casi el azar: Óscar Domínguez, la decalcomanía y sus derivas at TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes. Also part of our inaugural show, was the group exhibition Invisibles, which featured paintings, vídeo, and drawings by eight artists, including Ofir Dor (Israel), Tamrat Gezahegne (Ethiopia), Elad Larom (Israel), Agnès Pe (Lleida), Noemi Sjöberg (Sweden), Mulugeta Tafesse (Ethiopia), NachoTusquets (Barcelona) and Juan José Valencia (Tenerife).

On February 1st, Galería ATC opened an individual exhibition by Mulugeta Tafesse, an Ethiopian artist based in Antwerp, titled Personal Polemic. The exhibition presents a series of oil paintings on paper in which the artist, captivated by visual culture, reflects on modern and contemporary African art.

On March 19th, ATC presented a project-based exhibition  Deserving Architecture: Traces with the architect Constanze Sixt in collaboration with the architect Andrzej Gwizdala. Through a series of models, Traces examines the empty spaces in El Toscal a neighborhood in Santa Cruz.

On March 27th, the Canarian artist José Luis Pérez Navarro exhibited canvases from 32.1 Nature Constructed belonging to his series about García Sanabria Park and the botanic.

From April 14th until May 29th, the Berlin-based painter Ofir Dor, exhibited several oils and gouaches in The Bride, the Groom, and the Best Man. In his works the artist activates ideas about painting, the gaze, the history of art, symbolism, relationships, and power.

The video artist Noemi Sjöberg inaugurated her exhibition Near Distances on June 1st and ran until July 31st. The show includes three videos and a photograph about the traveler’s gaze.


We were extremely pleased to have our first guest lecturer, Justin Garrett Moore, the Executive Director of the Commission for Public Design for the City of New York and adjunct professor at Columbia University. In his presentation Urban Archipiélagos, Justin spoke about large-scale urban projects in New York City, as well as the connection between citizens and city-making. He also discussed his visionary work with Urban Patch, an urban economic and environmental revitalization initiative he started with his family in his hometown of Indianapolis.

Book Presentations

On January 4th, 2018, ATC hosted a book presentation of Mirra, a collection of poetry by Canarian poets. Readings were done by Sergio BarretoJuan FuentesIsidro HernándezRégulo HernándezAlejandro KrawietzFrancisco LeónManuel MartinsViejo José Mosegue, and Juan Noyes Kuehn Cole. In this volume, the secondary figures of Christmas, or its more abstract and intellectual aspects, were portrayed with great depth and, almost always, from a non-confessional perspective — or non-denominational, if you prefer — and even from a clearly critical perspective. The book was edited by Ediciones del Pampalino (Icod, 2017), and Carlos Schwartz created the drawings.

Radio Happenings and Sound Art

On January 30th, we hosted a radio happening, Radio Creatures, in collaboration with the Italian artist Anna Raimondo. ATC was a headquarters for the live transmission, together with Platform Harakat in Barcelona (Catalona, Spain), Cafe Le Jardin in Dakar (Senegal), Radio Papesse in Florence (Italy), Fundación Cinenómada in La Paz (Bolivia), Riot Studio in Naples (Italy), y Le Cube - Independent Art Room en Rabat (Morrocco), among others.

On June 22nd, Anna Raimondo broadcast another radio performance, Invisible Radio Creatures, and once again ATC was a participating venue. In this segment, the artist proposed a reflection on the clandestine condition, told through the daily experiences of the people who have lived or are currently living it.

Join Us for Our Upcoming Season

We will be closed in August and will return in September 6th with the opening of Voodoo Child, a solo exhibtion by the Isreali artist Elad Larom. We look forward to our upcoming season, which will feature exhibitions by the Italian artist Siro Cugusi, and Canarian artists Juan José Valencia and Nicolás Laiz Placeres, among others.

Once again, a special thanks to the collectors who have provided a home to several of the works of art we have exhibited. Proceeds from the sale of artwork, books and CDs, help maintain Agencia de Tránsitos Culturales and help us develop our programs.

See you very soon.

Elle Przybyla