Nicolás Laiz Placeres wins the "Acquisition Prize Naranjas con Arte", Feria MARTE

From November 15 to 18, we had the pleasure of participating in MARTE Curated in Castellón.

We would like to thank the entire MARTE Fair team and the curators of MARTE Curated, Fernando Gómez de la Cuesta and Avelino Sala. Thanks to Canarias Crea, Apartamentos Fariones, and LSP Abogados for their support.

About the works in MARTE Curated

His work revolves around the idea of landscape as a cultural construction and the frictions that arise between economic development and ecology. In his works there is a permanent dialogue between the concept and the formal realization of the piece. As an example we have the Idol of Tara series, 2017, composed of resin and recycled plastic collected by the artist on the beaches of Lanzarote. There are fifty-five figures of transparent resin that contain the aforementioned plastic waste. The artist borrows the shape of the piece from the aboriginal Canarian pre-Hispanic imagery, the idol of Tara, but in a format close to the tourist souvenir. The dialogue between the past and the present occurs as a result of the economic reality that tourism imposes as a productive industry, which activates new meanings and relationships between the past and the present. Another constant in these works is repetition. It is a strategy that makes sense since it works as a reflection of the mass production of forms and is reminiscent of minimalism, although in this case each piece is unique because its content is always varies.



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