Flat Files

Flat Files Tenerife is based on a model created with the same name in 1995 by the New York art gallery Pierogi, with the idea that original work by contemporary artists should be accessible to a diverse audience. Artwork is housed in cabinets with drawers (flat files) and can be viewed by the public. Since then, the general public, curators, collectors, critics and art dealers have put on white gloves to see the original works.

Flat Files image.jpg

In 2017, Agencia de Tránsitos Culturales (ATC) opened a new space, with an area dedicated exclusively to the Flat Files project. Artist folders will contain between 6 and 10 works on paper of the same series. Visitors can view the Flat Files during opening hours or by appointment. The Flat Files will also be a resource for curators working on exhibitions, inside and outside of ATC.

We have works available of contemporary artists, including Javier Corzo (Tenerife), Ofir Dor (Israel, 1972), Tamrat Gezahegne (Ethiopia, 1977), Elad Larom (Israel, 1976), Mulugeta Tafesse (Ethiopia, 1960), Noemi Sjöberg (Sweden, 1978), Nacho Tusquets (Barcelona, 1983) y Juan José Valencia (Tenerife, 1980).